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Running Your Own Webmail Service

A lot of people still use free email services, which is fine until you run through limitations and problems. Its a sad fact that people loose a lot of information and even their addresses using free email. Probably the most damaging would be loosing your address since you don't own the domain.

In this article I'm going to go through some important steps in ensuring the continuity of your email address.

The first step is finding a domain name, I usually use Godaddy or Name.com as my domain registrar. The price difference between the two is negligible I tend to choose Name.com for is simplicity. Finding a short domain is important and preferably that ends with a .com to simplify people typing you address. I would avoid using your company address if you intent to use it for more than 20 emails. Its just hard to predict how your employees will use their email so you want to make sure your company's domain is not blacklisted or blocked in any way.

The second step is to find a hosting company to provide you with a server. Depending on how many email addresses you intend to run a shared hosting account is enough. I usually go with Goddady and choose the deluxe account. I usually share this account with my friends since it allows unlimited websites. The limit is 500 emails with 100mb storage, which is more than sufficient.

The third and the last step on is getting use to Cpanel which comes with your hosting service. Cpanel is the interface that allows you to manage your hosting such as create a new email address or delete them. Its importing you get yourself familiar with the options, but not to worry since Cpanel was made to be simple and is proven to be the most simple interface in the market.